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When I have a daughter I will tell her
You grew between the cracks of my skin,
I built you,
cell by cell,
over nine full moons,
a flower grown from blood.
Somewhere in your beautiful mind lives the distant memory, of loving only the sound of my voice and the slow hammer of my heart,
You trusted me before you knew me.
So if you ever question your capability to love fully, remember you have loved before, and you will love again. By Key Ballah via www.keywrites.com, Letters to Fatima (via rabbrakha)

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chris control your goddamn face you have just gone through an extremely painful super-serum transformation you did not just have the diddly doo orgasm

…actually, at this point, Steve’s just now experiencing the sudden absence of both recent extreme pain and long-term low level pain.  He’s probably so high on endorphins that the expression is completely accurate.

Also, he was asthmatic. This is the first time in twenty years that his lungs work. Ever had an oxygen high?