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Syndicated radio personality Kidd Kraddick has died at the age of 53 and many reports are citing the cause of death as a brain aneurysm.

Demi Lovato: “#RIPKiddKraddick.. Grew up with you always on my radio.. Had the pleasure of meeting you back when I was 9 at a showcase where even way back
then, you believed in my talent. Dallas, TX lost a hero tonight and my heart is broken for the KISS FM family. You’re already missed Kidd.. Also, praying for Kidd’s family and friends.. Was a pleasure knowing you for so many years.. #WeLoveYouKidd ❤❤❤”

-It is such a shock to realize someone you grew up listening to-someone I never met but felt like I knew just gone. North Texas is truly suffering a great loss to such a loving, bright, and cheerful person who left a impression on everyone he met. His legacy is in the hearts hes touched and his charity Kidds Kids a nonprofit for terminally and chronically ill children.